Get through the Day Better with Mini-Sleeps.

8. Recharge with Booster Naps. 

Resting in siesta

Not getting enough sleep can contribute to bad health. Visited by life challenges including illness, injuries, bereavements, crime and other stressors, the human body needs more time than usual to repair and rebuild itself.  The problem for many people is giving themselves permission to take time out to rest when running low in energy because an all-too-common attitude is that napping is degenerate and selfish.

However, even a 20 to 30 minute snooze produces measurable signs of physical restoration. Animals doze a lot and much more when they have survived pressurising circumstances. It has been suggested, based on emerging evidence, that the Mediterranean siesta habit plays a significant role, apart from the diet, in lower incidences of heart disease and cancer in those regions, indicating the preventative power of napping. The best time to start fitting naps into everyday schedules is while people are still healthy. Those who are run down and exhausted find it much more difficult to make changes.

Becoming sensitive to bodily signs of tiredness is the simple way to know when taking a nap is called for. Getting used to reacting to these signs and arranging activities so that suitable safe places are identified where napping can be done, wherever the location, are the only preparations required. Then it’s a matter of caring enough about long-term well-being to go lie back with eyes closed and relax into a lovely mini-sleep as often as required. No one should deny themselves the healing force of napping; there are too many good reasons to become a dedicated napper for life!










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My background is in different aspects of healthcare, and in enduring several instances of terrible times which have hopefully yielded some positive lessons that'll make it easier next time, and that can be passed on here and elsewhere. I started this particular blog after someone I know received a serious medical diagnosis. May she and all who have difficulties be liberated from suffering! Compiling the topics revives an intention I've been harbouring to record guidelines about living skills I'd picked up in the past that remain outstandingly sound sources of advice. I hope, amidst all the information out there, these tips may inspire others too. : )

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