Eating food to thrive

 9. Conscious eating

Choose you, choose what you eat


No one disputes the impact of diet on fitness and mood but a lot of temptation through advertising and lifestyle traps can make selection of nutritious options daunting. However, optimum eating is a proven aid to detoxifying and de-stressing the body, to better prepare it for life’s challenges. Slurping food and washing it down quickly with too much liquid, which dilutes digestive juices, including saliva; chewing little if at all; rushing; being distracted by entertainments or strong emotions: these all place an extra burden on the job of the digestive system. Eating late in the evening diverts important repair work on the body so it’s better to try to take main meals closer to the middle of the day, since it can take more than eight hours for food to pass through the body.

Since food constitutes the chief sustenance, fuel and raw resources of human energy, intake deserves serious consideration because of how much it affects output, the shape the eater’s in. Making some ground rules about meals can create the pause needed to make better, more mindful choices, such as outlined in this article .  Everything in moderation, subject to individual circumstances and doctor’s advice, remains the wisest path, due to changes over time in expert declarations on what ingredients are good and what bad. However, the less food is processed, the better it is in pretty much every case.

Most healthy ingredients can be prepared to look attractive and taste good. Ensuring adequate chewing is in itself a significant step in food’s journey that if missed puts strain on its remaining passage. Any dentures worn should fit properly. Paying more attention to eating replaces neglect of the condition of teeth with active mouth-care, in cooperation with the dentist. Focus on the important task of supplying fuel to the body and mind. Take small bites and eat slowly, at ease. Mindfulness training includes an exercise involving a raisin to practice focusing on food. It is worth doing as instructed to gain familiarity with savouring each bite mindfully.  Uppermost is the recommendation to take time to enjoy and be grateful for one of life’s most consistent pleasures. After all, the opposite to the fight or flight stress response is the rest and digest relaxation response!



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My background is in different aspects of healthcare, and in enduring several instances of terrible times which have hopefully yielded some positive lessons that'll make it easier next time, and that can be passed on here and elsewhere. I started this particular blog after someone I know received a serious medical diagnosis. May she and all who have difficulties be liberated from suffering! Compiling the topics revives an intention I've been harbouring to record guidelines about living skills I'd picked up in the past that remain outstandingly sound sources of advice. I hope, amidst all the information out there, these tips may inspire others too. : )

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