Be renewed in nature

17. Back to the roots of life 

Outdoors; the natural tranquilliser

“We are made from Mother Earth and we go back to Mother Earth”. – saying of the Native American Shenandoah. 

The saying mirrors Chief Seattle’s speech, of which even the  more well-known doctored version by Ted Perry for the film, Home, in 1970 is faithful to its philosophy of respect for nature that is synonymous with indigenous people. It’s also in line with the Taoist advocacy of non-interference. The first religion, medicinal methodology, and way of life rolled into one, Shamanism, was adopted universally by early human ancestors. It is still practised today by many people. It emphasises connections through communion with nature to access supernatural gifts for thriving in the world.

Treatments continue to be developed to harness the healing powers of being outdoors, such as ecotherapy. The sun-shine that encourages vitamin D production, positive ions from running water, oxygen  and other benefit of  fresh air, the visions of growth and diversity of ecosystems; all these and more have direct biological effects on the endocrine and other systems and thus on the mind too.  Studies have shown that patients who tend living things, pets and even plants, do much better.

Nature primarily moves in cycles, such as those of day and night, the tides, the seasons, genetic migration patterns and life cycles. Psychologist Erik Erikson’s most well-known work  from the 1950s traced the latter in human beings. Despite criticisms, particularly about variations from culture to culture, the idea of the life course being associated with approximately distinct experiences has become popular again in the social sciences, thanks particularly to the work of Stephen Hunt in The Life Course.

All of the arts constantly draw on nature for inspiration to present a cornucopia of riches for humankind, nudging those partaking back, like the pied-piper, to organic origins. The central tenet of Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings concerns the inter-being  of all things and creatures with nature and with one another, something ritualised in the unsettling but profound practice of Touching The Earth. Modern life’s pace and industrialisation can obscure health-sustaining natural influences for many people but, being biological organisms, there can be a price to pay. Those who seek out green spaces have the best chance of staying in tune with what they’re made of and remaining blessed children of the universe.


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My background is in different aspects of healthcare, and in enduring several instances of terrible times which have hopefully yielded some positive lessons that'll make it easier next time, and that can be passed on here and elsewhere. I started this particular blog after someone I know received a serious medical diagnosis. May she and all who have difficulties be liberated from suffering! Compiling the topics revives an intention I've been harbouring to record guidelines about living skills I'd picked up in the past that remain outstandingly sound sources of advice. I hope, amidst all the information out there, these tips may inspire others too. : )

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  1. Amy Putkonen says :

    Thanks for the link. I love how you tied so many different perspectives together and how they relate to this natural way of being. Very nice.

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